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Welcome to Track Changes

The Postgraduate Journal of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities

TrackChanges is a biannual, inter-disciplinary, peer-reviewed journal that celebrates the talent and diversity to be found within the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at the University of Sheffield. The central tenet of the journal is to promote publication by postgraduates of all levels and early-career academics within a year of finishing their doctorate. Its target audience is both internal and external, and engagement with a non-academic audience is one of our priorities. We welcome both articles based on emerging areas of research and short items based on the numerous events such as conferences, recitals and film festivals that take place across the Faculty. Jessop West building

Each issue of TrackChanges is planned around a theme, which allows a degree of homogeneity to be found within the wide-ranging research undertaken by members of the Faculty. The theme of the most recent issue (Issue 4 - Winter 2012) is Thinking Forward Through the Past. How we relate to the past, and how the past relates to us, is one of the strongest themes in arts and humanities research. Thinking forward through the past embraces the principle that a greater understanding of the past enables a more thorough understanding of the present, and better ability to predict the future – possibilities also unlocked by reinventing and reinterpreting the ideas and events of the past into diverse arrays of continuity and change that run throughout the historical, literary, and sociological disciplines. Each contribution of the current issue approaches these themes from its own unique direction, demonstrating the scope of the theme and the insight of the authors, as well as the breadth and depth of research being undertaken in the arts and humanities.

TrackChanges publishes articles up to a maximum of 5000 words including references. Items on events should be between 1000 and 3000 words and should relate to an event that has taken place no longer than six months before the date of submission. Illustrations, photographs and figures are all welcomed as a part of submitted articles, but authors are reminded that proof of copyright clearance must be submitted along with the article. All articles and items submitted for consideration should adhere to the MHRA referencing style guide.