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Lead Editors

Sarah Hawley

Sarah Hawley recently completed her MA in Aegean Archaeology at the University of Sheffield. Her dissertation focused on reconstructing funerary practices at Bronze Age Cycladic cemeteries. She enjoys travelling, and has worked on archaeological projects in California, Lincolnshire, Chile, Turkey, and the Palestinian Territories. She is passionate about bringing academic archaeology to a wider public in innovative and interactive ways, through presentations, websites, collaborative projects with other disciplines, and social media.

Catherine Moir

Catherine Moir is currently completing her Ph.D, entitled 'Religion without God? Towards a Blochian Critique of East German Folk Atheism' at the Centre for Ernst Bloch Studies. She graduated from the University of Sheffield with a BA in Modern Languages in 2006, and also holds MA degrees in Translation Studies (Sheffield) and European Politics (College of Europe, Belgium). She has published on the translation of religious texts and the relationship between utopia and translation.

Editorial Team

Lucy Brown

Lucy Brown completed her BA and MA in History at the University of Sheffield and is now in the second year of her PhD. Her work focuses on love, marriage and domesticity in post-war Britain with a particular focus on histories of men in love and the home. Her research interests include the cultural and social history of the twentieth-century, gender, masculinity, sexuality, the body, material culture and clothing. She currently co-convenes the Modern European History discussion group in the department of History and has previously convened the Postgraduate Gender Research Network interdisciplinary discussion group.

Stacey Dunlea

Stacey graduated from University College Cork in 2005, where she studied Spanish and Economics. After a number of years working and travelling, she undertook an MA in Latin American Studies in Sheffield. She is now working towards a PhD in the same field.

Kate Filimon

After completing my undergraduate studies at Sheffield, I received funding to complete a Masters in English Literature, in which I am focussing on a range of writing from the contemporary period. I am particularly interested in dystopian and working-class writing, and have recently written more extensively on ethics in literature.

Eleanor Hodgson

Eleanor Hodgson is in her first year of doctoral study into the Old French Romance Guillaume de Palerne. Having completed both an MA in French Studies (specialising in Old French), and a BA in French and Music at the University of Sheffield, Eleanor’s research interests are wide-ranging, focusing on intertextuality and transformation in late twelfth-century romance in her thesis, to the orality of the Lais of Marie de France, and even the role and music of modern French Rap artists such as Abd Al Malik and MC Solaar.

Suzie Holdsworth

Suzie Holdsworth is currently undertaking a Ph.D in translation studies/comparative linguistics focusing on EU citizenship narratives at the multilingual interface of discourse. Having completed her undergraduate studies in Modern Languages in the UK, she then spent ten years living and working in the Netherlands, gaining experience translating a variety of text genres. Since then she has been awarded an MA in Translation Studies (2009)by the University of Sheffield, which led to her current doctoral research area.

Kathleen Hudson

Kathleen Hudson is an American MA student who specializes in 19th century literature. She is a graduate of the University of Scranton and is planning on getting her PhD from the University of Sheffield.

Matthew Kerry

Matthew Kerry completed his BA in History and Hispanic Studies at the University of Sheffield before studying for an MA in Contemporary History at the University of Zaragoza (Spain). After two years in Spain, he is now in Sheffield working towards a PhD. His research centres on--but is not limited to--the processes of radicalisation and identity formation/articulation during the 1930s in northern Spain.

David Lloyd

David completed his MA degree in Hispanic Studies at the University of Sheffield in 2011. He was awarded an AHRC studentship and is now undertaking doctoral study in Catalan and Castilian linguistics. David’s academic interests include 20th century Spanish history, Catalonia under Franco and Catalan sport.

Alyxandra Mattison

Alyxandra Mattison grew up in New Jersey, in the United States. She attended New York University, graduating with a BA in Anthropology and a minor in Medieval Studies. She completed an MA course in European Historical Archaeology at the University of Sheffield, specializing in early medieval archaeology. Her dissertation focused on the ideology behind decapitation in late Anglo-Saxon execution cemeteries. She has dug on research excavations in Canada, France and England, and currently works as a commercial archaeologist throughout the UK. She is a return editor for the journal Track Changes, as well as having been a contributor in the first edition.

Natasha McKeever

Natasha grew up in Birmingham and completed her BA in Philosophy and MA in Political Theory at the University of Sheffield. She then went to Leeds Trinity University College where she completed a PGCE in Religious Studies before retreating to the safety of books to pursue doctoral study. She is now in the second year of her PhD. Her work focuses on the nature of romantic love and monogamy. Her research interests also include the philosophy of sex, feminism, and applied ethics more generally.

Charlotte Plews

Charlotte Plews, after completing an undergraduate MA in Classical Studies and English from the University of St Andrews in 2010, is now a masters student in early modern English Literature. Her dissertation is entitled '“Fabulous Dragons teeth”: Milton's Classical apparatus in Areopagitica' analyses Milton's use of Classical precedent in his argumentative style. She hopes to continue her research on Milton at PhD level here in the University of Sheffield, exploring his self-representations through the 1640s. She is also on the committee organising the annual School of English Literature, Language and Linguistics postgraduate colloquium, and when not studying is a keen independent cinema-goer.

Sarah Rawlins

Mark Seddon

Mark Seddon is a Ph.D. candidate within the University of Sheffield’s Department of History. His research analyses British and US intervention in the Venezuelan oil industry between 1941 and 1948. The thesis provides a case study of the tensions within Anglo-US relations that were generated by rivalry over oil and policy towards Latin America. It conceptualises the relationship between the state and private sector and analyses how such ties shaped the mechanics of foreign relations. Mark is also a co-founder and co-organiser of the Global Visions discussion group and holds a B.A. in History and an M.A. in Twentieth Century History from the University of Sheffield.

Alun Thomas

Alun graduated from the University of Sheffield with a BA in Russian and Politics in 2009. After a year working for an environmental conservation organisation, he returned to Sheffield to complete an MA in Modern History in 2011, and is now working towards a PhD back in the Russian Department. His current research involves the political and economic identity of nomadic tribes in Soviet Central Asia. He is also working on a separate project concerning the role and status of guards in the Gulag.

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