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Oliver Johnson

I am working on a monograph exploring the lived experiences of artists and their audiences in the Soviet art establishment of the 1940s and 50s, a project which is funded by the British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship scheme.

Helen Smith

I am currently completing my Ph.D. My work deals with attitudes towards and experiences of class, sexuality and masculinity amongst working-class men in the north of England during the first half of the twentieth century. I have previously convened the Postgraduate Gender Research Network interdisciplinary discussion group and currently teach on courses in the Department of History.

Editorial Team

Lucy Brown

Lucy Brown completed her BA and MA in History at the University of Sheffield and is now in the second year of her PhD. Her work focuses on love, marriage and domesticity in post-war Britain with a particular focus on histories of men in love and the home. Her research interests include the cultural and social history of the twentieth-century, gender, masculinity, sexuality, the body, material culture and clothing. She currently co-convenes the Modern European History discussion group in the department of History and has previously convened the Postgraduate Gender Research Network interdisciplinary discussion group.

Stacey Dunlea

Stacey graduated from University College Cork in 2005, where she studied Spanish and Economics. After a number of years working and travelling, she undertook an MA in Latin American Studies in Sheffield. She is now working towards a PhD in the same field.

Sarah Hawley

Sarah Hawley was raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She received a BA in Interdisciplinary Archaeology from the University of Southern California and recently completed her MA in Aegean Archaeology at the University of Sheffield. Her dissertation, entitled “The Aesthetics of Death: Body Modification in the EB II Cyclades in the Context of Cemetery Ritual,” focused on reconstructing funerary practices at Bronze Age Cycladic cemeteries. She enjoys travelling, and has worked on archaeological projects in California, Lincolnshire, Chile, Turkey, and the Palestinian Territories. She is passionate about bringing academic archaeology to a wider public in innovative and interactive ways, through presentations, websites, collaborative projects with other disciplines, and social media.

Eleanor Hodgson

Having just finished an MA in French Studies specialising in Old French, Eleanor Hodgson is now undertaking doctoral study into the Old French Romance Guillaume de Palerne. Her BA in French and Music has lead her to develop research interests ranging from the orality of the Lais of Marie de France, to the artistic friendship of the French composer Francis Poulenc and the French poet Paul Eluard, and even the role and music of modern French Rap artists MC Solaar and Abd Al Malik.

Michelle Hunt

Michelle Hunt graduated in French and Hispanic Studies from the University of Liverpool in 1995 and embarked upon a career as a modern foreign languages teacher. In 2006, she left teaching to study for an M.A. in Hispanic Studies. In 2008, she started studying for a PhD in the eighteenth-century Spanish essay-press. Her research focuses on the social and literary aspects of El Pensador, (1762-1767), a landmark publication in the debating of eighteenth-century Spanish society.

Alyxandra Mattison

Alyxandra Mattison grew up in New Jersey, in the United States. She attended New York University, graduating with a BA in Anthropology and a minor in Medieval Studies. She has just completed an MA course in European Historical Archaeology at the University of Sheffield, specialising in early medieval archaeology. Her dissertation focused on the ideology behind decapitation in late Anglo-Saxon execution cemeteries. She has worked on research excavations in Canada, France and England.

Julia McClure

My work employs the perspective of the late Middle Ages as a way to challenge some of the traditional narratives at work in modernity. In particular I explore the “translocal” and “exilic” identity of the Franciscans in the early Atlantic world to try to disrupt the common narrative of the ‘discovery of the New World in 1492’ and the common discourse of rights that this is tied to. I am interested in how the discourse of rights and the politics of poverty contribute to the paradigm of coloniality. I also co-chair the discussion group ‘Global Visions: networks, identities, and interactions.

Rhiannon McGlade

Rhiannon McGlade completed her first-class undergraduate degree in Hispanic Studies with Catalan Philology at the University of Sheffield. She went on to study for a Masters in International Studies with Diplomacy at the University of Birmingham. After receiving several academic scholarships, Rhiannon returned to Sheffield to work towards a PhD in the department of Hispanic Studies where she is now in her final year of study. The subject of Rhiannon’s thesis centers on the development and nature of political and social satire in twentieth-century Catalonia. In her spare time she is a keen musician and sports player, having represented both universities in a number of sports and also enjoys skiing, diving and surfing.

Catherine Moir

Catherine Moir is currently completing her Ph.D, entitled 'Religion without God? Towards a Blochian Critique of East German Folk Atheism' at the Centre for Ernst Bloch Studies. She graduated from the University of Sheffield with a BA in Modern Languages in 2006, and also holds MA degrees in Translation Studies (Sheffield) and European Politics (College of Europe, Belgium). She has published on the translation of religious texts and the relationship between utopia and translation.

Caroline Pentabona

Caroline Pentabona is a master's student currently completing her degree in Human Osteology and Funerary Archaeology. Her academic interests include the presentation of the human body in public museums and long-term organic material conservation. When not hard at work she enjoys travelling and exploring new restaurants with her husband Nicholas.

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