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Issue 4, Winter 2012: ‘Thinking Forward Through the Past’



Ruth Littlewood, From Left to Right: Self-Fashioning for a Post-War Spain in Regina García’s I was a Marxist

  pp. 6-19 [download pdf]

Bridie Moore, Making the Time of Our Lives: Unfinished Experimentations in Performing the Ageing Identity

  pp. 20-38 [download pdf]

Ayumi Nonomiya, What Happens When a Word Is Falling Out of Use? A Case Study on Thou and You in Henry Fielding’s Plays

  pp. 39-56 [download pdf]

Moe Shoji, What is there Beyond the Act of Storytelling? Theatrical Review of The Coming Storm by Forced Entertainment

  pp. 57-63 [download pdf]

Ran Zhao, Textual Retrospection: Reflexivity of Gothic Parody in Northanger Abbey

  pp. 64-82 [download pdf]

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