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Issue 3, Summer 2012: ‘Equality and Access’



Elizabeth Goodwin, Innocence Almost Entirely Departed: The Equality and Accessibility of Shame and Self-Control in Odo of Cluny’s Masculinity

  pp. 7-17 [download pdf]

Tony Prince, Familial Status, Socio-Political Marginalisation, and Radical Engagement: The Bastard in William Shakespeare’s King John

  pp. 19-33 [download pdf]

Christine Wallis, ‘Hu mæg ure geferscipe beon gewissod butan geþeahtere?’ Ælfric’s Colloquy and Latin Learning in Anglo-Saxon England

  pp. 35-49 [download pdf]

Lykara Ryder, ‘Putting the Science in Fiction’: A One-Day Workshop Focused on Interdisciplinary Collaboration and the Public’s Access to Science through the Arts

  pp. 51-58 [download pdf]

Abigail Taylor, A Critical Analysis of the Motivations Behind and Effectiveness Of Childcare Access For Children Under Three in France and England Since the Mid-1990s

  pp. 59-75 [download pdf]

Michael L. A. Romano, The Special Relationship Between Men and Metallurgy: A Discussion on Gender-Based Assumptions During Craft Production Using Archaeological and Ethnographic Examples

  pp. 77-93 [download pdf]

Jenny Watson, Oeroeg Was My Friend: The Marginalisation of Native Experience in Dutch Colonial Memory

  pp. 95-110 [download pdf]

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