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Issue 2, Winter 2011: ‘Connected Communities’



Eleanor Hodgson, Word Gets Around - Oral communication connecting communities in the Lais of Marie de France

  pp. 7-18 [download pdf]

Munira Jamal, Intercultural Communication Issues in the Context of School Events and a Call to Involve Professional Interpreters

  pp. 19-31 [download pdf]

Richard McClelland and Jenny Watson, The Dutch, the Europeans, and the World: An Interview with Abdelkader Benali

  pp. 33-41 [download pdf]

Adam James Smith, 'Arguments out of a pretty mouth are unanswerable': The Representation of Female Community and its Effects on Periodical and Reader Identity in the Early Issues of Joseph Addison's The Free-Holder

  pp. 43-57 [download pdf]

Teresa Wigglesworth-Baker, Russian-Tatar bilingualism during the post-Soviet period: a study into Tatar language use and Tatar language competency of the Russian population in Tatarstan

  pp. 59-70 [download pdf]

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